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Experience Life Free from Abuse at Your Own Pace

Access our HEALing Tools (HEAL Courses, Daily Check-ins, Behavior Analytics, Worksheet, and more...)

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An Educational Healing Course Offered at Your Own Pace

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Find Peace for Triggers, Panic Attacks and More
with HEAL Meditations

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Connect with an anonymous and safe HEAL Community

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Join Our Online, Call-in and In-person Support Groups

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Track Triggers, Moods and Behaviors with HEAL Tracking

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There is HEALing after Sexual Abuse

Welcome to the Transformation of a Lifetime

We provide safe, anonymous healing resources to survivors of sexual abuse

HEAL provides men and women survivors of sexual abuse over the age of 18 with healing curriculums, a community to connect with other survivors, meditation and wellness resources, and behavior monitoring tracking systems. Therefore, HEAL provides survivors with new life skills to help them overcome their past, stop the abuse from continuing, and tap into their potential.

HEAL Information

Survivor Testimonial

This program helped me see that I wasn't branded for life by what happened to me.

What HEAL Can Do For You

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HEAL survivors educateEDUCATE

Our self-guided 14-session healing curriculum will teach you tools, techniques, and life skills. 

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HEAL survivors support


HEAL offers web(live) conferencing or call-in support groups run by a trained empowerment trainer.

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Survivors tracker


Take personal and daily assessments for your moods, behaviors, mindsets, and triggers. 

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HEAL community


Connect with other survivors in a safe and supportive HEAL community chat group. 

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Heal Analytics


Recognize patterns in behavior through a visual display of assessment results.

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HEAL Meditations


Created to specifically address trauma responses survivors can have and to help find relief.

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Survivor Testimonial

“HEAL gave me the confidence to become the most powerful version of myself.”


Healing curriculums are designed to educate you, empower you, and help you develop new life skills.


Behavior monitoring systems are designed for you to track triggers, moods, behaviors, and to recognize patterns in behavior so you can begin changing behaviors that are holding you back.

Heal Meditations - Phone


Virtual and call-in support groups as well as our online chat community allows you to safely and anonymously connect with other survivors.

Meditation & Wellness

Your health and wellness come first at HEAL. Calm your mind and body with HEAL Meditations and get ready for our newest Wellness center launching soon.

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