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Welcome to HEAL

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We Believe that You Can Be Free

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We Believe You Can Experience Peace

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We Believe You Can Have Healthy Relationships

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We Believe You Can Heal Future Generations

Discover What Life After Abuse Means for You

We believe that as a survivor of sexual abuse you deserve to have safe and anonymous healing resources that can guide you through your healing journey. We believe all survivors of sexual abuse deserve education and support to implement the life skills and tools necessary to help them reclaim their life and HEAL.

HEAL Survivor

As a survivor of sexual abuse, you may have felt misunderstood, scared, overwhelmed, ashamed, and battling thoughts of worthlessness or anger. It is important to know that these reactions are normal and that you are not alone. You have the power to not only stop abuse from continuing in your family but to overcome your past and tap into your potential. We are here for you every step of the way.

View HEAL Services and Sample Our Program Below


Our self-guided 14-session program will teach you tools, techniques and life skills



HEAL Support Groups are available via the web(live) conferencing or call-in & run by trained empowerment trainer


Connect with other survivors in a safe and supportive HEAL community chat group. Browse the topics that are discussed:


HEAL Meditations are made to specifically address trauma responses survivors can have

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