Cancel subscription

We are so sad to see you go!

Thank you for trying HEAL out. We are sad to see you go and hope you will come back if you find you are lacking support, life skills, and necessary resources along your healing journey!

If you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to your HEAL account until the end of your current subscription payment period. (For example, if you are billed on the 10th of each month, you will have access to the HEAL website until the 10th of the month that you canceled). After your subscription payment period is up, all of your content will be deleted. This will be a good time for you to download all of your journal entries and analytics for your record. If you decide to come back to the HEAL website, your username will remain the same, but you will need to reset your password. All of your previous personalized content will be deleted due to privacy and security reasons.

If you are canceling due to financial hardship, please consider applying for our four-month HEAL scholarship program so that you can still work with us during your healing journey.

If you wish to discontinue your membership immediately, please do the following:
1. Log into your HEAL account
2. Click your username in the top right-hand corner
3. Click on ‘Billing’
4. Click ‘Manage Subscription/Billing info’
5. Click on the subscription box that appears with your subscription plan
6. Click ‘cancel subscription’