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Wendy M. Johnson

What Can HEAL Coaching Do for You?

HEAL Coaching helps you assess where you are now and where you want to be. HEAL Coaching is action-oriented. HEAL Coaching is different from other ‘talk coaching.” You will actually do work in each session so you can actually see results and growth right before your eyes.

HEAL Coaching is a virtual coaching platform that provides personalized growth strategies and helps survivors overcome their past and balance their work life, family, and relationships. Survivors have dreams and goals just like anyone else. Rebuilding life after abuse is hard work and a HEAL Coach can offer the support a survivor needs.

As a HEAL Coach, Wendy helps survivors of sexual abuse heal so that they can overcome low self-worth (that can cause self-destructive behaviors), learn how to trust again, have healthy relationships, learn to set boundaries, and lead a fulfilling life that is not plagued by their past

What goal do you have in mind?

Maybe you want to feel more confident and deepen your self-worth.

  • Or, you want to learn how to have healthy relationships within the family, in dating, or with friends or co-workers.
  • Or, you want to learn how to trust the right people.
  • Or, you want to overcome intimacy issues.
  • Or, you want to learn more about how to heal from sexual abuse and if it is even possible (of course it is, do not listen to those who say it is not!)

Whatever outcome you are wanting to pursue, HEAL Coaching can help stop your past from affecting your present life

If you are struggling with worrying about if it is too late to start on your healing journey, think again. It is never too early or too late and there is never the RIGHT time, except NOW. At HEAL we work with survivors from 18 to their 70s and upward to rebuild their lives after sexual abuse.

Just imagine a life free from abuse.

  • No, abuse will not always be with you.
  • No, you are not damaged.
  • No, you are not flawed.

The HEAL Coaching Journey:

Phase 1: Awareness

Stage 1: Awareness/Motivations/Values – We start by defining what you believe about the goal you are trying to achieve, your motivations, and your values. If you think reaching your goal is hard or uncomfortable you won’t do it. Once we understand what you believe we can work on making the road to your goal with fewer barriers.

Stage 2: Self-Assessment – After the awareness stage, we identify your new priorities, find out what is holding you back, and create a plan.

Stage 3: Commitment – How flexible is your mindset and behavior that is needed for the change you seek

Phase 2: Growth

Stage 4: Setting Goals – Set achievable goals and create an action plan within a given timeframe.

Stage 5: Build Habits – Identify harmful and supportive habits and implement them.

Stage 6: Evaluation – Reflection on clients’ new actions and their responses to situations that were challenging in the past.

Phase 3: Self-Trust

Stage 7: Challenge Mindset – Once a client has implemented a new action plan and challenged their comfort zones a new level of confidence and self-trust develops.

Stage 8: Mastery – Final stage is where the client is incorporating new positive habits and old harmful habits are no longer holding him back. New life skills developed for internal control.

Wendy is the Founder of HEAL Innovations and the creator of a digital healing membership website for survivors of sexual abuse noted as a ‘digital world of healing.’ HEAL is a self-guided healing, and recovery membership website providing healing resources to adult survivors of sexual abuse.

Wendy helps educate, inspire, and help change the social norms that hold survivors back! Wendy is the author of HEAL. A 14-session curriculum that helps survivors of sexual abuse Wendy is passionate about victim empowerment. Her Mission: To empower survivors of sexual abuse to overcome their past, stop the abuse from continuing, and tap into their full potential.