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HEAL Coaching

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Welcome to HEAL Coaching – The road to healing and balancing your life starts here!

HEAL Coaching is a virtual coaching platform that provides personalized growth strategies and helps survivors navigate overcoming their past and balancing their work life, family, and relationships. Survivors have dreams and goals just like anyone else. Rebuilding a life after abuse is hard work and a HEAL Coach can offer the support a survivor needs.

As a HEAL Coach, Wendy helps survivors of sexual abuse heal so that they can overcome low self-worth (that can cause self-destructive behaviors), learn how to trust again, have healthy relationships, learn to set boundaries and lead a fulfilling life that is not plagued by their past.

What goal do you have in mind?

-Maybe you want to feel more confident and dive deeper into strengthening your self-worth?

-Or, you want to learn how to have healthy relationships within the family, in dating, or with friends or co-workers.

-Or, you want to learn how to trust the right people.

-Or, you want to overcome intimacy issues.

-Or, you want learn more about how to heal from sexual abuse and if it is even possible (of course it is, do not listen to those who say it is not!)

Whatever outcome you are wanting to pursue, HEAL Coaching can help stop your past from affecting your present life.

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