Our self-guided 14-session program will teach you tools, techniques, and life skills

Self-guided HEAL Educate Curriculum


Our self-guided HEAL Educate curriculum is a powerful 14-session curriculum that empowers survivors to learn new skills and to become the most powerful versions of themselves. Educate includes 25-35 activities that consist of video training, worksheets, inspirational videos, personalized assessments, meditations, and more.


By providing a curriculum based on top research dealing with healing from sexual trauma survivors can begin to understand that they have the power to overcome their past and live a new abuse-free life. Survivors deserve educational curriculums designed to inspire and empower them to reclaim their lives in a safe and powerful way.

The Support You Want

Educate opens the door to a new life by educating survivors on the top 14 topics that all survivors of sexual abuse deal with; Hope and Choice, Understanding Abuse, Anger and Abuse, Trust and Boundaries, The Culture of Abuse, Believing Your Own Perceptions and more. We hope to see you along your journey!

Access the empowering self-guided healing and recovery HEAL curriculum that includes:

Inspirational videos

Masterclass videos taught by Head HEAL Educator – Wendy M. Johnson

Personalized journaling

True stories (trigger warning)



Personalized assessments

Meet Head HEAL Educator – Wendy M. Johnson