HEAL Business

HEAL Business

Empower your survivor employees to improve their mental health with the educational and recovery resources from HEAL.

HEAL is available for employers to implement in employee packages as well as HEAL training to train the company on signs of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and harassment.

8 million days of paid work are missed by women in the U.S. due to violence perpetrated against them by an intimate partner or perpetrator.

1.8 billion dollars are lost in productivity for employers by the missed days of paid work due to violence perpetrated against their employees by an intimate partner or perpetrator.

32,114 full-time jobs are lost each year in the U.S. due to intimate partner violence. 

Sourcs: SHRM.org, Healthline, Erdeich, Slavet & Amador, 1995.

HEAL offers digital recovery solutions for companies to help increase productivity, profits and employee retention.

We believe that businesses have the opportunity to create a positive and powerful work environment by providing holistic care to survivor employees. Abuse impacts every part of a person’s life including their work life. Survivors don’t have the capability of turning off worries, mental health issues, or the debilitating and distressing emotions that come after abuse during work hours.

By providing answers for your employees to safely and anonymously get the help they need we believe your company will foster a powerful new culture of support and empowerment that survivors need to thrive in the workplace.