HEAL Meditations

Calm your mind and body with HEAL Meditations

HEAL Meditations

The Power of HEAL Meditation


We know that as a survivor you may experience distressing emotions that can be difficult to manage. Experiences such as triggers, flashbacks, body memories or panic attacks can come without warning and can disrupt whatever you are doing. With HEAL meditations you can find the peace you need to calm distressing emotions.


Each HEAL Meditation is 10-minutes long and is a video with beautiful scenery in the background. Whether at school, work or home you can take a 10-minute break to calm your mind and body. Taking time to calm down from these emotions is an important step to overcoming them.

The Support You Want

These meditations are designed for you to use regardless of where you are or what you are doing. You can even use these mediations while you fall asleep. Lets go on a journey to calm your mind and body with HEAL meditations.

HEAL Meditations allows you to work through distressing emotions by having a meditation that addresses specific negative experiences:

2-minute meditations

Meditations for flashbacks, body memories, panic attacks, and more

Beautiful video scenery