HEAL Ultimate Guide

Overcome The Biggest Obstacles That Stop Survivors of Sexual Abuse From Healing

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unsure about what’s holding you back from healing? This guide is an essential resource that helps survivors overcome the challenges that hinder their healing process such as
Reclaim your life, find wholeness, and learn There is Life After Abuse®!

Hi, I'm Wendy M. Johnson

Since 2018, I’ve been working intimately with survivors across the nation and recently in other countries. As the founder of the exclusive HEAL® membership for survivors of sexual abuse, author of the HEAL® Workbook – the course used inside the membership, I’ve been supporting, helping, and guiding survivors of all different ages and stages in their healing journey.
From just beginning to starting up again, to not believing that you can really heal to getting stuck in the shame stage, I have helped them all and so many more!
And through it all, I’ve discovered what survivors need to be educated on to heal and finish the journey to wholeness. What I found was subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of healing and overcoming vs. those that give up or never believe it is possible.
Come join our community created just for survivorsjust like you to heal and live a fulfilling life.
Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Wasting Your Time? This is the Guide You Have Been Waiting For!


You will also learn:
and much more!
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