HEALing Journey Bootcamp

Healing Bootcamp

You want to start the healing journey to feeling whole, but…

  • You are thinking, where do you start?
  • You are feeling nervous, panicked, confused, stuck, and overwhelmed!
  • You keep asking yourself: What should you focus on first? What is the first step?
  • OR You started, but didn’t finish OR You think, it is too hard OR You really believe you can’t really HEAL
  • It can be too much!

So many things to think about to start your healing journey…it can be exhausting (Which leads to you binge-watching 14 hours of Netflix, remote in hand).

Here’s a secret: Most of those things don’t matter in the beginning.

Honestly, survivors can get stuck in their heads and never take action.

Or they feel working on the abuse is scary thinking how people will respond or looking back to the past will be too painful. (Really, think about it – when was the last time you actually worked on your healing journey – took action towards HEALing instead of thinking about whether it was the right time to start that journey?)

The real stuff that matters is you.

What makes HEALing possible for you?

Healing becomes possible when you start to take steps to overcome by focusing on your mindset and education and starting NOW. 

That’s it.

That’s how it starts.

Seems basic, even too simple, BUT you don’t need to start with your scariest memory or biggest fear.


So how do you make your HEALing journey possible?

The easiest way to make HEALing possible is to focus on the 4 things that really matter. And we have a formula for that. It’s our MEES formula. Or, in other words: Mindset, Education, Empowerment, Support

This is what we’ll cover in our 14-day Jumpstart HEALing Bootcamp. Let me explain further…


If you do not believe HEALing is possible, then you will not pursue a path to overcoming. Why try, if you cannot succeed? That mindset will stop you from even trying or giving it your all. You might not believe it – fully – now, but do not worry, we can start you on a path to help you gain the mindset you need to see your HEALing journey through and tap into your potential.

So, let’s start to banish your doubts and fears like “How can I ever overcome my past?” or “I just don’t believe I can HEAL.” Or I am damaged or flawed.” It’s time to get your mind right so your HEALing journey takes off. If you spend all of your time second-guessing yourself or doubting your abilities to truly heal, you aren’t doing what you need to do to get HEAL! This is why we start the Jumpstart HEALing Bootcamp with a mindset, and everything we do throughout the program will only make you gain an inner strength you never knew you had.


Educate is not just about learning abuse is wrong, it is about learning what abuse is and learning new life skills and coping strategies. It is about learning about the Spectrum of Healing principles that you can impart in your daily life.

Imagine if you were struggling with your intimate relationships. You don’t know why you keep finding yourself in dysfunctional, emotionally absent, or abusive relationships. You know you were abused but don’t really understand the connection. But if your first intimate relationship was sexually abusive whether it happened once (rarely) or many times (more common) then it could most definitely have a direct influence on your current relationships


HEALing can feel really intangible to many, and often survivors don’t *really* understand how it works.

And when you try to find a path to HEALing, you find vague paths, like just doing yoga, meditation, or keeping the past behind you. But HEALing is a conscious choice. There are many methods that can complement the healing process, such as yoga and meditation, but if you are in a cycle of abusive, dysfunctional relationships whether intimate or as a parent not really knowing how to protect your children, education combined with growing your inner strength can cause self-empowerment.

Long story short: self-empowerment and self-worth are your tickets to freedom.

Creating a structured, healing journey, where you can see your results and restore your self-worth is what makes healing tangible and effective.

As you restore your self-worth, you will tap into your potential.


HEALing does not need to be a lonely process. But stigmas surrounding it can make you feel isolated. But you are not alone. Choosing a supportive community can make all the difference in your life.

Bottom line: If you aren’t confident about where to find support and you are not sure where to start, Jumpstart HEALing Bootcamp to the rescue! At HEAL no survivor is alone. You can join live workshops each week and virtual support groups. Choosing where you get support is important.

And that’s it! Super simple


Starting the HEALing journey becomes hard to resist when you are confident in your path and are confident you can heal.

That’s when You say yes!

Tired of spinning your wheels? Let’s jumpstart your HEALing journey! Enroll and begin immediately.

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What is a “Bootcamp” exactly?

It’s not your typical online course that will sit on your shelf, that’s for sure! This is a 14- day online experience designed to give your healing journey a jumpstart!

All you have to do is show up and open your email every day, and we’ll give you an action item that will take you between 2 minutes and 7 minutes a day. THAT’S IT! You will be surprised what you can do in just a few minutes a day to Heal.

If you miss a day, we will send you a reminder and follow up with you.

IMPORTANT: To stay in the program you will have to take action when we prompt you, and you’ll have no more than 30 days to complete the course. So, if you like accountability, you are in the right place!

How it works: We’ll give you small, manageable daily tasks and exercises via video lessons and email lessons, and then you’ll get to work. That’s it, super simple. You start as soon as you sign up. Why wait?

So say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to motivation and accomplishment, and come ready to work!

Can I refund if it’s not for me?

Absolutely. The Bootcamp is 12 days long and starts immediately, and you have 14 days to ask for a refund. No hard feelings if you do. Just shoot us an email.

I love learning things live. Is this live?

The Bootcamp is DIY, designed to automatically lead you through the process of making your HEALing possible. But we’ve got some extras! While it’s not a live group or private coaching with live support calls, we’ll be tracking your progress and help hold you accountable. In fact, for the program to continue you’ll have to complete your assignments!

How long will I have access, and how much time will it take per day?

To help make sure you complete the program, we give you 30 days to finish. That’s more than twice as long as it will take you, so don’t panic! We give you a time limit to keep you motivated :).

And we try and keep things super bite-sized, so expect to spend 2-7 minutes a day, depending on the day. The Bootcamp starts as soon as you sign up.

What will I accomplish in the 14 days?

SO MUCH! You’ll have worked on your mindset, education, self-empowerment, and support. Your LIFE will have a huuuuge boost, and you’ll be on your way!

Or put another way, you’ll be able to understand that healing is possible and understand your worth, and that means you’ll be closer to tapping into your potential. How good would that feel?

What do I get in Bootcamp?

  • Step-by-step short daily training automatically delivered to your inbox each day, starting as soon as you enroll. The training involves video lessons and email lessons. You’ll get one lesson per day over 14 days!
  • In-depth worksheets to help you make progress, so you always know what to do next. Print them out and make a dent in your healing journey!
  • A detailed breakdown of our MEES formula. So, if you are struggling with Mindset, Education, Self-Empowerment, and Support, you are in the right place!
  • Automatic accountability and encouragement! We’ve got our HEAL TEAM making sure you are able to see what you can do with just a few minutes a day.  If you feel stuck or constantly overthink things, this will help you!
  • Confidence. Using our formula you’ll finally start to feel confident as a survivor.
  • Peace of mind. The Bootcamp is a 14-day experience that starts as soon as you sign up, with one small task per day.

Who are you and why should I trust you?

My name is Wendy M. Johnson and I’m the founder of HEAL.

I love learning, growing, and writing and sitting on the couch curled up with a comfy blanket, and eating chocolate! I also love cooking. I work hard and enjoy taking time out for ‘me’ time. Because life can get so busy, I need to set goals in attainable steps. Every time I try to obtain a goal and start neglecting other parts of my life (good things) I usually get overwhelmed and don’t finish.

But, if I start with small attainable goals, I feel like I am progressing and will continue. Because of that, I created this version of HEAL in which you can jumpstart your HEALing process. In just 2-7 minutes a day for 1 day, you will learn a lot – about yourself – and tap into an inner strength you never knew you had.

So, if you are a fan of small tasks, making progress, and not wasting time (and also maybe chocolate), you are in the right place!

Join us!

So are you ready to jumpstart your HEALing Process?

Isn’t it time to stop spinning your wheels and get some help? Isn’t it time to not waste time on thoughts that stop you from taking action?

What would be different for you if you felt more confident about the direction your LIFE was taking and that your past has no hold on you? Is this something you want?”

In 14 days you can.

Let’s jumpstart your HEALing journey TODAY!!