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online chat community

Interact with Other Survivors


The internet is a vast place where we can find hundreds of articles, blogs, and opinion pieces in seconds. Though this is helpful in many cases, we at HEAL believe survivors should able to turn to credible, research-based, and safe places to get answers to deep questions after sexual abuse. We know that as a survivor of sexual abuse you may turn to outside internet chat communities, blogs, and opinion pieces to find answers to essential questions you may have such as;

Can I overcome the negative affects of sexual abuse?

Will I always have intimacy issues after sexual abuse?

Will my triggers ever go away?


Our team did a research project in 2020 on what information and advice was being shared in internet chat communities with survivors. We found that almost every chat community we came across had non-research based advice spoken as facts.

Our team felt determined to create a safe platform for survivors to connect and to also learn the truth about overcoming sexual trauma.

The Support You Want

Our HEAL chat community provides education and research on topics being discussed in our chat communities so not only can you connect with other survivors but you can find educational resources along your way. Survivors have the ability to share experiences, thoughts, and pose questions. All responses are monitored by our HEAL team to help keep a safe and respectful environment.

The HEAL online chat community provides survivors with a safe place to ask questions, find answers, and learn new life skills through research-based information

HEAL chat community includes:

Optional anonymity (username is displayed and can be changed in a users settings)

Educational and research-based content is offered for all main question categories

Survivors can like, comment, and connect with each other on topics relevant to them

All users can ‘report’ a comment that is offensive or inappropriate and our team with observe the report to ensure community guidelines are met

The HEAL online chat community connects and inspires survivors