Track & Analytics

Track behaviors and triggers through HEAL behavior monitoring system and view progress with visually displayed data

Track & Analyze

Monitor Your Progress


Behavior monitoring can be a powerful tool for survivors of sexual abuse. At HEAL we let survivors track many different areas of their behavior and health. With HEAL you can track how well you are learning topics being taught in the healing curriculum and will be able to view before and after results of how your mental, emotional, and physical well-being have changed over time. You can also track triggers and behaviors with our trigger tracker, and you will be able to measure overall progress for your everyday emotions.


Tracking triggers and distressing emotions allow you to see how these experiences affect your life. You then can create a plan on how to handle distressing emotions or memories as they come up and be better equipped to handle them in a healthy way. Our personalized analytics dashboard will then allow you to view the number of triggers you have had, what specifically triggers you, and how It impacts your life.

The Support You Want

Visually displayed data can change and give you the opportunity to prepare for and handle distressing emotions. You can see what common coping strategies you use and can work with a therapist or your HEAL support group to get more information on how to learn healthier coping strategies. At HEAL, we believe that you have the ability to overcome triggers and distressing emotions. We understand how debilitating these experiences can be and will be right there to help you!

Access session assessments, daily assessments, and a trigger tracker to measure overall health and wellness. HEAL tracking systems include:

Session assessments for HEAL’s educate curriculum

Daily assessments

Daily trigger tracker

Pre- and post-assessments for HEAL’s educate curriculum

Visually displayed data on a personalized dashboard

Mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing assessment and results

Mental, emotional, and physical assessment results page